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Thank you for your interest in, The Caster Specialists.  Our employees have been in the caster business for over 25 years, designing, building and supplying companies and individuals with a wide range of casters to meet their particular needs.  Whether it is for the office furniture industry or for the medical equipment market, can supply you with the perfect high quality caster.  We are constantly striving to find new ways to better serve our customers through better pricing, quality and customer service.  Through innovations in process and design, has out-paced the ever-changing needs of this competitive industry.

Every employee in our caster making process is an integral part of maintaining the reputation for quality and value. They each posses an un-paralleled body of knowledge in all of the essential caster making skills: injection molding, metal stamping, cold forming and complex assembly. By combining these varied skills, we can satisfy virtually any customer requirement for any special caster. Challenging custom applications is an opportunity for our skilled Engineering Group to display its talents. In addition to our superior standard products, our custom capabilities can provide you with virtually any caster or special design you may require.






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